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Technology Bringing Off-The-Plan To Life

Buying the perfect place to call home is as exciting as it is daunting, but add an off-the-plan offer into the mix and things can be much more stressful.

Let’s face it. It’s hard to visualise the perfect home – while developers are trying to paint the perfect picture on how these off-the-plan will be upon completion, it certainly is a jump of the imagination when all you have is a dressed up display suite in front of you, a forest of brochures and floor plans that you just can’t seem to bring off the paper and into your head.

Tie in the significant financial investment involved in buying your future home while there is no physical home to look at, it’s no wonder this process is taking a serious toll in the emotional state of home buyers.

But as is the current way of the future, technology saves the day and provides home buyers with a new way to imagine their dream home. CGIs have been around for a while, but ArchViz Studios takes off-the-plan sales to the next level with a computer-generated visualisation of the future development.

Rendered images provide a better insight into what it is you’re trying to materialise into real life, but ArchViz studios is allowing its users to virtually walk through the future property and bring their visions to life on a virtual space. It allows for customisation of the colour palettes, materials and furniture while the 3D floor plans allow for a deeper understanding of context, space and layout.

Arch Viz brings the display suite to you and brings more confidence to the homebuyer in search of their dream home and is assisting developers in designing the virtual space.

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