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How To Minimise Your Stress When Selling Your Home

Experts have heard it all when it comes to the stresses of selling one’s beloved home – and now they’ve given some advice on how to minimise your stress while at the same time, optimising your potential sale price.

1. Change your mindset – there’s a lot of sentimental value that potential buyers won’t see when you’re selling your home, but it’s important to not take things too personally when an agent or stylist suggests a change.

2. Find the best agent you can – they’ve been in the game for a while. They’ve got all the ins and outs of the area, and they’ve got the experience. Trust them when they’re giving you their advice.

3. Manage the project yourself – set up a timeline before your listing goes live and ensure you take it job by job until everything’s done.

4. Either prepare yourself for living in a showroom while you have inspections – this will include minimising the amount of dinners you’d host.

5. If it’s not too much, then move out of home entirely so you and your family can adjust to selling your home and to ensure minimal wear to the current set up of the home.

6. Organise some additional storage space so you can place your personal items and family mementos in a special space so you can embrace the move and start preparing yourself for the next stage.

7. Simplify things for the buyer and be as transparent as possible with them – this could involve pre-purchasing the building and pest inspection report or a strata report (if needed) and making it readily available for them, as a lot of buyers are very cautious of risk.

8. Professional styling is a necessity when it comes to selling a house. It not only provides the potential buyer with the necessities to imagine themselves living in the house, but it also shows off the home to its maximum potential. They will realise how to utilise all aspects of the house even if you haven’t thought of it yourself.

9. Cleanliness of the house is a huge factor in how potential buyers would react to your house. Enlisting a regular cleaner to ensure they keep the house at the level of cleanliness that a buyer would expect to imagine their home.

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