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Function and space take centre stage as we see a permanent shift toward home office space.

COVID-19 has brought dramatic changes in the way we live and work – namely bringing the two together in such a way that our home space has now become our workspace. Video conferencing is now our “go to” way to meet, activewear, children tap dancing in the background and cats jumping onto home desks have become the new norm.

We are seeing more and more planned developments embracing this move towards hybrid work and play, with almost all new floor-plans that cross our desks featuring some type of study room or nook.

So without further ado, here are our top tips for improving the functionality of working from home without it costing a bomb!

1. Determine Your Working Style

Just like our way of living, we have our own way of working also. Some people need peace and quiet, while others require a little background noise to keep their brain stimulated. Figure out what works best in creating your own zone.

2. Find Your Perfect Location

Experiment with the different spaces within your home and determine your own perfect space to be as productive as possible. You might find that you’re most productive when you’ve strategically placed your working space in the living room or you might you find yourself at your best without even leaving the bedroom!

3. Create Your Own Desk Space

While you might find that you’re totally owning the virtual desktop scene and all you need for a productive day in the office is a laptop and comfy chair, others might find that working on a traditional desk space is the best way to go. Whichever way suits you more, make your space yours and decorate it with folders (physical or virtual), stationery or table-top plants to keep you going.

4. Power Up Your Space

A cluttered space can cause a cluttered mind (unless your thing is organised chaos). Therefore, it’s important to consider how best to keep your cables (and yourself) organised and what is the most efficient way of keeping your tangles out. Cable ties will work wonders and keep your space feeling organised.

5. Light Your Way

Make sure you have enough light to keep your bright ideas flowing. Source a table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp or even nature’s gift of the sun as your natural source of light (save some bucks on your energy bill while you’re at it).

6. Efficient Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

Keeping up with your productivity doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply figure out your groove and do what works for you.

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