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Ever Wondered What The Top Home Features Aussie Buyers Look For In A New Home? Here are 8.

1. The ideal layout has shifted from open plan homes to a home with multiple living spaces and a seamless flow between,

2. Sun-filled aspect is imperative amongst Aussie buyers nowadays, with natural light being a key component in making any space appear more desirable.

3. Quality finishes are a must. Though they are simple enough to change after a purchase, cheap finishes can play a deterrent on the home buyers' decision.

4. Don’t take renovations too far, especially as the buyer could potentially feel as though they will be undoing it later on.

5. Consider practical elements over luxurious extras that can be added after purchasing a new home.

6. Data compiled from indicates that swimming pools are the number one feature when it comes to searching for property.

7. Garages have also remained in the top 10 of desirable features amongst home buyers as it comes down to convenience and re-saleability.

8. Reducing power bills and making a sustainably positive contribution to the environment simultaneously makes it apparent as to why solar panels are high up on the buyers’ list.

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