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Colour Your Home

Sprucing up your home is as easy as a paint-job, but bringing out the perfect colour palette for your home could make or break the ambience or mood that you're trying to create.

Fortunately now Tint, a direct-to-consumer paint company, utilises modern day technology to digitise colour, allowing consumers to match colours they see around them and visualise their palette before buying.

Since the start of the pandemic, there’s been a big shift in emphasis to wellbeing and mental health, especially when it comes to being locked down at home. People are spending all this time locked within four walls, and people have started to decide on what to do with these four walls.

Tint has also helped collate data to showcase the favourite colours across different Australian cities:

Melbourne “After Dark” – dark blue with a hint of green

Sydney “Fika” – sandy beige that is inspired by nature and remains neutral

Brisbane “Ol Blue Eyes” – light dusty blue

To create the effect that you want on your home, it's best to try before you buy.

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