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5 Steps To A Greener Home With Limited Space

Given the COVID restrictions in place, we’ve been spending more time at home, which can take its toll on mental health. Self-sufficiency is another focus given the pandemic, with the supermarket no longer a place you’d really want to venture out to either. So why not follow these 5 tips to green up your home with a herb garden this summer (even with limited space) and improve your mental health at the same time.

1. Do your part for the environment and create a seed raising tray resuing empty toilet rolls (from all the panic buying we’ve done), old yoghurt tubs and/or egg cartons.

2. Think about what you’d like to grow from home and source your new seedlings to green up your home.

3. Get your hands dirty and fill your seed tray with soil mix. Keeping the soil perfectly balanced between damp and not too wet is important for 4-6 weeks. Minimise disruption to your baby seedlings by using the gentle setting on the spray bottle.

4. Decide on your seedlings’ future homes. Whether it be strategically placed within easy reach of the kitchen or on a balcony where there’s plenty of sun, take your pick and try to maximise whatever space you have at home.

5. Shower your new herbs with plenty of love and attention and they’ll be shooting in a few weeks. But they won’t be ready to be re-potted and planted until the weather is warmer.

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